Parade of Rosés


Rose comes in a variety of beautiful pink colors

Summer is here! Visit The Village Cellar to stock up on your warm weather wines.

One wine that you must try is rosé. Pronounced “Rose-A”, not like the flower.

Many people think that rosé is of a lesser quality because it is pink. This is not the case. Rosé is a style used to describe wine that does not come into contact with the grape skins long enough to extract a deep red color typical of red wines, hence the variety of pink hues.


Real men drink pink wine!

Its also common for people to think that all rosés are sweet because they are pink. Again, just a stereotype! Many rosés are actually dry, yet crisp and refreshing – perfect for summer drinking.

Here’s the lineup of rosés that you can find at TVC!


From left: Merriman pinot noir rose, Hugo sparkling rose, 2012 Chateau Saint Pierre Tradition, 2011 Jean-Luc Colombo Cape Bleue Rose, 2011 Akakies Kiryianni, 2010 il Balordo Rosato, Ayala Rose Majeur Champagne